Senior Baseball Night

This field should have balls, bats, coaches, fans, an opposing team and most importantly players, specifically 2 seniors, on what would have been SENIOR NIGHT! Our coach has a soft heart for our seniors and went above and beyond to make sure they still had their SENIOR NIGHT! #1 Darian Houston #2 Brayden Daughtry ❤️❤️- Borrowed …

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Virtual Spirit Week

Marshall Academy held a Virtual Spirit Week on Monday, April 6- Friday, April 20. Students were asked to dress up at home and share pictures on the school’s FaceBook page. Spirit Days included: PJ Day, Favorite Pet Day, New Hobby Day, College Day, and Spirit Day.

Gift Cards for Target House

The Marshall Academy Key Club members prepared and sold cupcakes weekly during the 3rd 9 weeks. Enough money was raised to donate $460 worth of gift cards to the St. Jude Target House. Thanks to everyone who purchased a cupcake to support this great service project.

Distance Learning

Logan Channer, a new MA 3rd Grade student, doing his science assignment looking for signs of spring. He made some creations out of those oak tree catkins. Those stringy things that fall all over the ground.  

Distance Learning

Our teachers, students, and administration have been working hard during our Distance Learning period. We miss all our students terribly! We have enjoyed receiving pictures of them learning remotely. Check out some of the pictures below!  

How to Build a Robot

The Marshall Academy 1st Grade students recently built their own robots after reading “How to Build a Robot”. Students used objects from their homes and classroom to design and style their own robots. The students did an excellent job with the project!

Animology Visits MA

The Elementary students and teachers enjoyed Mr. Bob Tarter and his Edible Animal show on Thursday, February 27. The program involved looking at the different diets around the world and the animal’s role in the natural web of producers, consumers, and decomposers that we are all a part of.