Admission Policy

Marshall Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin, disability, or sex.  Qualified applicants of all races and creeds are welcome.

The admission policies and procedures for admitting students to Marshall Academy are as follows:

          An interview will be held, preferably with parent(s) and the prospective student.

          A copy of the prospective student’s most recent achievement test scores and report card must be furnished.

          Reason(s) for the student withdrawing from the previous school must be put in writing.

          The student’s record must verify acceptable academic performance. 

          The prospective student must have acceptable deportment. 

Marshall Academy does not accept a student who has been suspended and/or expelled from another school.

Marshall Academy tests students for admission and placement for grades 2 – 12. (Test results along with records and student information will be consider for grade placement)

Students  in grades K3 through First Grade must be the appropriate age by September 1.

Students in grades K 3 through 12th grade, please bring the following documents with you when you register:  Certified copy of birth certificate, Social Security card, and Mississippi immunization form (Health Department Certificate of Immunization Compliance).   A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate, Social Security Card, and immunization compliance form must be on file in the school office before the student may attend classes.

Students entering Seventh Grade, beginning with the 2012-2013 school year, are required to have a Tdap vaccination.  A new immunization compliance form must be turned in to the Guidance office.

Applicants must fill out and return Student Registration Forms and a Tuition Contract.