FAQ about Distance Learning


Dear Marshall Family,

I want to start by personally thanking our students and parents for your patience and flexibility during our transition to distance learning.  The faculty and staff at Marshall Academy have been actively working to provide a quality distance learning program that will continue to support our mission.  I know there are a lot of questions regarding what distance learning looks like for MA students. The following are common “Frequently Asked Questions” that hopefully will guide our families in the coming days : 

  • How will the Marshall Academy teachers provide distance learning opportunities during times of extended school closure? Teachers will use Google Classroom for all grades as the main platform for distance learning.  Google Classroom is accessible through each student’s Marshall Academy google account. Teachers will also use different resources such as apps, Facebook, and Zoom to provide additional instructional and enrichment opportunities.  In addition to online learning, some teachers have prepared packets of instructional materials that have been made available for pick-up from school.  
  • How should you anticipate communication with your student’s teachers?  Teachers will communicate with students and parents through Google Classroom, email and text groups, and through instructional materials.  
  • What should be my expectations of the distance learning process?  Teachers have been instructed to create lesson plans to include assignments and enrichment activities to begin on Monday, March 23rd.  Teachers have the flexibility to post assignments daily or weekly. Communication with students and parents should be frequent. The framework for a long-term action plan is being cultivated in the case of extended closure.  Please understand that variables are changing daily.  
  • How accessible are teachers for extra guidance and help? All teachers are accessible through email and some have set up text message groups.  High School teachers will also be hosting virtual office hours using Zoom each week.  These hours will be communicated with the students through Google Classroom. At this point text messaging or email is the best way to communicate with elementary teachers.
  • What if I do not have internet access at home? If your family does not have access to internet service at home, please contact your grade level administrator by email to discuss alternate options. 
  • What if I do not have a device?  Chromebooks are available for check-out through the main office.  Please contact the administration if you have any questions. 
  • How often will assignments be posted or made available?  Each teacher has been instructed to make assignments available throughout the week.  Individual teachers will use different methods for delivery that could vary from day to day.  Posting of assignments will vary among teachers in regard to weekly or daily. All assignments will have a minimum 48-hour window of completion.  
  • When will new worksheet packets be available from elementary teachers?  Additional student packets will be available on Monday afternoons from 4-7 p.m., with pick-up conducted by alphabet, for each week that our distance learning program continues.  
  • What do I do with the worksheets that have been completed by my child?  Please save all completed worksheets.  Collection time will be determined at a later date.  
  • What are the attendance requirements for my child during the MA distance learning program?  We are asking each student to check assignments daily and communicate with teachers regularly.  A future plan for daily attendance is being explored for a long term MA distance learning program.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions about Google Classroom or Zoom?  Please contact your grade level administrator by email if you have questions regarding access to your Google account or how to use Zoom.  
  • Does Marshall Academy have a guide for a long-term distance learning program accessible to students and parents?  The Marshall Academy Distance Learning Plan will be available on the website soon.  Please check the website for updates daily.
  • How will I be informed regarding future school closure?  The best ways to stay connected at Marshall Academy are through the following “Big Four” platforms: The website, Facebook, the MA App, and our remind text service.  More information regarding “The Big Four” is available in the main office. 
  • Is campus open to students and parents at this time?  We are asking all students and parents to refrain from coming to campus at this time.  Our office staff and administration will be working daily on a rotational basis to be able to answer phone calls and continue to conduct business.  The campus will only be open during designated pick-up times for packets or by appointment.  

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