50 for 50 Campaign

The Marshall Academy Board of Directors is pleased to announce an opportunity for all school stakeholders to become a part of the school’s 50 for 50 Campaign in celebration of our 50th anniversary.  The primary purpose of this campaign is to construct a new main entrance to our campus.  The entrance will provide a simplistic, commonsensical, aesthetic and safe entryway to our school for students, staff, parents and visitors alike.  This has been a goal of the Board of Directors since the completion of South West Boundary Street, which runs adjacent to the school.  Secondary purposes will include updated fencing and other necessary physical plant improvements.The 50 for 50 Campaign allows stakeholders to contribute $50 per month for 50 months to ensure the completion of the aforementioned entryway and physical plant improvements.  Many have begun contributing to the campaign by committing to the $50 per month.  Others have committed to greater or lesser amounts per month, and some have made one time contributions.  The campaign is designed to fit each stakeholder’s preference, as the end goal is to improve and sustain our school for the betterment of its students, parents, staff, alumni, and friends.For more information on how you can become a part of the 50 for 50 Campaign, please contact the main office at Marshall Academy at 662-252-3449.  You can also email us at 50for50@marshallacademy.com.Thank you in advance for all that you have done and your willingness to assist with this campaign.  It is because of this that Marshall Academy is celebrating 50 years of excellence, growing, and great things are happening!

50 for 50 Campaign Committee

Here is a picture of where the new main entrance to our campus from South West Boundary Street will be located. You can already see the layout from the flags placed along the path.

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