MA Adds a new Preschool Class

Marshall Academy acquired several new teachers for the 2018-2019 school year. For the past 10 years the 3k and 4k classes have been combined at MA, but this year enrollment is up and the Pre-School was split into two sections.

Mrs. Tandra Orman joined the staff at Marshall Academy and is teaching 3k. Mrs. Tandra has a total of ten students in her class, including nine boys and one girl. She has been teaching for 20 years with a degree in Child development. Mrs. Tandra is going back to school to get her degree in Education. She has two children, a son in the sixth grade, and a daughter in 4k. She and her family moved to Byhalia when her husband got a new job, and they enrolled their children at Marshall Academy.

The 3-K class is very active during the school day with the following activities: storytime, art,  playing number and letter games, and activity time. Mrs. Tandra started teaching while she was in high school and has been involved in education ever since.

Marshall Academy is excited to have Mrs. Tandra Orman on staff!

Back (l to r) Easton Elliott, J.T. Taylor, Knox Hutchens, Cannon Bryant, Britton Branch, and Tandra Orman. Front (l to r) Mack Shaffer, Hayes Donahoe, Myla Mae Stanton, Levi Williams, and Jackson Huey

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