Elementary Awards Ceremony

On May 23, 2018 Marshall Academy held their annual Elementary Awards Ceremony in the Frank Swords Gymnasium . Students in K5-6th Grade were recognized for their accomplishments during the 2017-2018 school year in subject areas, Accelerated Reading, the MAIS Reading Fair, the MAIS Art Competition, and for being a good citizen and friend.

   AR Readers with 100+ points – (front row) Millie Teel, Avery Sanders, Oliver Latham, Eli Waltz, Cohen Lundine, and Cash Simpson. (back) Vincent Wang, Sydney Person, Peyton Curtis, Katherine Neeley, Ashton Valentine, and Kyler Todd.

 Top 2 AR Readers – Ruthie Tollison with 229 AR Points and Tamya Pittman with 202 AR Points – both are in Mrs. Jane Farris’s 2nd Grade Class

 1st Grade Awards – Landan Shaw (Citizenship Award), Meagan Tedder (Science), Katie Lynes (Reading Compensation, Math, & Handwriting), Leo Smith(Most Improved Reading), Hannah Tipler(Spelling), Selena Kate Minor (Social Studies), and Harper Hurdle(Reading).

 2nd Grade Awards – Tamya Pittman(Handwriting), Ruthie Tollison (English), Cohen Lundine (Spelling), Eli Waltz (Most Improved AR), Oliver Latham (Friendship), and Avery Sanders (Reading, Math, and Social Studies).

 3rd Grade Awards – Cash Simpson (Reading and Science), Brennan Smith (English and Math), Kyler Todd (Spelling), Millie Teel (Creative Writing) and Brayson Roberts (Social Studies)

 4th Grade Awards – Laila Grace Clifton (Math), Eliza Cavender (Reading and Spelling), Sophie Allred (Creative Writing), Charlie Johnson (Social Studies), Luci Tomlinson(Extra Effort Science), and Maggie Teel (Greatest Effort).

 High Average Math – Carson Orman (5th Grade) and Vincent Wang (6th Grade)

  Clay Newman (High Average 4th Grade Science), Vincent Wang (High Average 6th Grade Science), Hayden Lundine (High Average 5th Grade Science, Reading, and Social Studies), and Sydney Person (High Average 5th Grade Spelling).

 Abby Busby (Extra Effort 6th Grade English), Vincent Wang (High Average 6th Grade Spellling, Reading, Social Studies, and English), Hayden Lundine (High Average 5th Grade English), Brody McCord( Extra Effort 5th Grade English), Blake Shoup (High Average 4th Grade English), and Charlie Johnson (Extra Effort 4th Grade English) Not Pictured Brody Kee (Extra Effort 5th Grade English)

 Good Citizenship Awards – Landan Shaw(1st Grade), Tamya Pittman(2nd Grade), Ashton Valentine(3rd Grade), Emma Michel (5th Grade), Blake Shoup (4th Grade), and Heather Honeycutt (6th Grade).

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