World’s Fair

The annual Marshall Academy World’s Fair was held on Tuesday, May 15. The 6th Grade students were responsible for choosing a country, completing a research notebook and story board. In addition, students had to prepare a food, display table, and dress in the style of their country. Special guests, students, and parents were allowed to come through the fair and view the projects.

(l to r front) Zachery Siler(Greece), Jakob Michel(Germany), Kate Williams(Peru), Gary Stacks(Russia), Lowry Strickland(Scotland), Bailey Garrison(Great Britain), and Sarah Shoup(Mexico). (l to r back) Abby Busby(France), Michael Williams(Italy), Vincent Wang(Norway), Tylen Anderson(Australia), Calynne Cook(Japan), Kaleigh Carrington(Denmark), Heather Honeycutt(Spain), Rosamond Barnett(Costa Rica), Abby Tanner(Canada), and Aaron Smitherman(Jamaica).


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