The Holly Springs Rotary Club donates dictionaries

The Holly Springs Rotary Club donated a dictionary to each 3rd Grade student at Marshall Academy. The club sponsors the program annually and choose Marshall Academy to receive the dictionaries this school year. 3rd Grade teacher, Gerri Camurati, will be teaching a lesson, to the students, on how to use the dictionary.

(front row) Gerri Camurati(MA 3rd Grade Teacher), Jenna Franklin, Peyton Curtis, Rocky Mitchell, Eli Lomenick, Millie Teel, Maddie Shaw, Gus Smith, Kyler Todd, Ashton Valentine, Brennan Smith, Caleb Hahn, and Kylee Cook . (back row) Rotary Club Members (l to r) R.J. Wilson, Ejeera Dukes, Charly McClatchy, Andria Lang, Angela Mayfield, Barry Burleson, and headmaster, Barrett Donahoe, also a new Rotarian.

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