MA New Students

Marshall Academy has been blessed to welcome 48 new students (K-5 to 12th Grade) to our school family this year. We are excited to see so many new faces. We look forward to many great times with the students and their families. #proudtobeapatriot

Front row (l to r) Lilly Worsham, Hanna Tipler, Landan Shaw, and Brayden Oswalt. Back row (l to r) Tamya Pittman, Ruthie Tollison, Brayson Roberts, Clay Newman, Millie Teel, Maggie Teel, Heather Honeycutt, Asiah Stevenson, Hannah Jones, and Haley Honeycutt.

Front row (l to r) Lizzie Tollison, Faith Shankle, & Skylar Newman. (2nd row l to r) Scarlett Newman, Amanda Barnett, CJ Samoly, Karlie Potts, and Hallee Friend. (3rd row l to r) Hannah Champion, Sam Wells, Jacob Shoup, and Will Hanggi. (4th Row l to r) Jessica Deming, Philip Parks, and Kaylan Parks. (back row l to r) Javion Smith and Jordan Bowen.

(front row l to r) Alyssa Porter, Tyler Vannucci, and Logan Friend. (2nd row l to r) X-Zorria Jones, Jacinda Bradley, Carlie Vannucci, and Adrianna Garcia. (3rd row l to r) Cele Brown, Anna Griffin Tollison, Kailyn Smith, Monterra Morgan, and Amelia Duncan. (back row l to r) Gary Love, Zac Edington, Terrance Pittman, Jason Wang, and Joseph Bowman.

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