District 1-AA Championship

Congratulations to our Lady Patriots and Patriots for winning the District 1-AA District Championships last night. A special congratulations to Blake Martin for becoming the all-time leading scorer at Marshall Academy with 2,954 total points over her career.


 District Awards – Michael Clifton(Distict Coach of the Year) Blake Martin(District MVP), Alexis McGreger(All-Conference), Sam Wilkins(All-Conference), Bryanna Miller(All-Conference), Julia Nicholson(All-Conference), Erin Lomenick(Honorable Mention), and Hailey McMinn(Honorable Mention).

 District 1-AA All Tournament Team – Samantha Wilkins, Bryanna Miller, Julia Nicholson, Hailey McMinn, and Blake Martin.

Blake Martin -All Time leading scorer at Marshall Academy with 2,954 points.  District Awards – Sam Pearson(District Coach of the Year), Peyton Taylor(District MVP), Eli Pearson(All-Conference), Rahmon Rutherford(All-Conference), Jacob Gadd(All-Conference), Boyce McKinney(Honorable Mention) Drayton Potts(Honorable Mention), Everett Jones(Honorable Mention), & Kyler Moncrief(Honorable Mention).  District 1-AA All-Tournament Team – Peyton Taylor, Jacob Gadd, Rahmon Rutherford, and Everett Jones.

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