1997 State Championship Team Honored

Friday, December 30, 2016 the 1997 Lady Patriots State Championship Team was recognized during half-time of the Marshall Academy / Potts Camp Game. Members in attendance included:(l to r) Catherine Owen Mirante, Jorja Hill Hurdle, Tori Bryant, and Megan Teel Stanton. Other team members unable to attend included: Anne Buchanan, Bea McCrosky, Miranda Fitch, Rachel Brame, Alice Childers, Melissa Bailey, Jamie Brents, Carrie Ellington, and Megan McNeil. Head Coach: Chuck Poer; Asst Coach: Vickie Teel; & Manager: Julie Power
Twenty years ago this season, with a slogan of “No More”, which represented not only no more losing, but no more lack of effort, no more blaming the refs, and no more lack of believing in themselves, Coach Chuck Poer with assistant Vickie Teel, led this team of girls all the way to the State Championship.
This group of girls became a strong offensive team, but an even better defensive team. This team averaged over 55 point per game and held their opponents to under 35. Their average margin of victory was about 20 points per game.
The team had a very strong fan base in the MA Community. Running out to “Burning Down the House” into a packed gym every time they played at home was a great advantage for them. These loyal fans followed the team o the road as well. Many times the Marshall fans would outnumber the fans of the home team. Coach Poer used this advantage to teach the girls that they could win anywhere. And they did! With 34 winds and only 3 losses the 1996-1997 Lady Patriots became State Champions.

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