Fall Beta Club Inductions

The new members of the Marshall Academy Jr and Sr Beta Club were inducted on Thursday, October 27, during our Fall ceremony. The Beta Club officers helped with the ceremony along with members from the Class of 2017. The theme for our fall induction was HARVEST – Honesty, Achievement, Responsibility, Vision, Enthusiasm, Sincerity, and Tolerance – the traits that make up a good Beta Club Member.

New Sr. Beta Club Inductees – Jacob Gadd, Tyler Bolden, Carreyanne Cook, Zane Looney, Jorden Carlisle, and Catie Miller. Sonni McKinney, Jeffery Rhea, Peyton Stephenson, Erin Burleson, Markaylin Burt, Melanie Cheesman, Carleigh Cook, and Kristy Wang.

Jr. Beta Club Inductees – Grace McCord, John Chandler Strickland, and Michealann Lemons.

Marshall Academy Jr. Beta Club – Grace McCord, John Chandler Strickland, Michealann Lemons, and Lanie Valentine.

Marshall Academy Sr. Beta Club – Carleigh Cook, Markaylin Burt, Sonni McKinney, Erin Burleson, and Kristy Wang. Chyna Fields, Samantha Wilkins, Bryanna Miller, Bailey Blaker, Macy Thompson, Hailey McMinn, Kaylea Fitch, Darcie Gibson, Jordan Holt and Amnesti Johnson. Catie Miller, Jacob Gadd, Peyton Stephenson, Samuel Morris, Zane Looney, Boyce McKinney, Tyler Bolden, Abby Sanders, Boothe Gresham, Audrey Poole, Ryan Brock, Taylor Blaker, Leo Yang, Allison Cratin, Jeffery Rhea, Kelli Rhea, Thomas Stewart, Jorden Carlisle, Julia Nicholson, Carreyanne Cook, and Melanie Cheesman. Not pictured Erin Lomenick, Sarah Grace Jackson, Jacob Shaw, and Blake Martin.

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