Read Across America & Dr Seuss

The Pre-K through 3rd Grade has been busy this week celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss. Each day they have had a theme for their outfits to help celebrate Dr Seuss’ Birthday.

Tuesday- Show your socks day in honor of Fox in Socks; Wednesday – Wacky Day in honor of Wacky Wednesday; Thursday – Green Day in honor of Green Eggs and Ham; & Friday – Crazy Hat Day in honor of The Cat in the Hat

IMG_0845 2nd Grade Crazy Sock Day

IMG_0854 Pre-K and Kindergarten Crazy Sock Day

IMG_0857   1st Grade Crazy Sock Day

IMG_0865 3rd Grade Crazy Sock Day

IMG_0899 3rd Grade Wacky Day

IMG_0897 Pre-K and Kindergarten Wacky Day

IMG_0882 2nd Grade Wacky Day

IMG_0884 1st Grade Boys Wacky Day

IMG_0892 1st Grade Girls Wacky Day

IMG_1016 Pre-K and Kindergarten Crazy Hat Day

IMG_1000 1st Grade Crazy Hat Day

IMG_0989 3rd Grade Crazy Hat Day

IMG_0994 2nd Grade Crazy Hat Day

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