3rd Grade enjoys Multiplication Sundaes Party

3rd Grade celebrated their Multiplication Sundaes Party on Friday, January 29. Each student got to build their Sundaes depending upon how many sets of Multiplication facts they have learned. Learning the 0’s and 1’s earns them a bowl. Learning the 2’s earns them a napkin and spoon, 5’s and 10’s an ice-cream scoop, 3’s another ice-cream scoop, 4’s bananas, 6’s syrup, 7’s sprinkles, 8’s candies, 9’s candies, and 11’s and 12’s cherries on top. The students really enjoy this treat every year. Here are some of the students enjoying their Sundaes.

IMG_0310  (l to r) Carson Orman,Joseph McDoniel, Emma Michel, Carly Martin, Anna Ragsdale, & Katherine Neeley.

IMG_0313     Hayden Lundine, Hayes Huff, Carson Orman, and Joseph McDoniel.   IMG_0316 - Copy Emma Michel, Carly Martin, Anna Ragsdale, and Katherine Neeley.

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