Elementary Christmas Program

Pre-K thru 6th grade presented the 12 Days of Christmas the Marshall Academy way on Thursday, December 10. The students and teachers did a wonderful job with the play. They worked hard on the production for several months. Here are a few highlights from the evening.

IMG_9970 IMG_9967 IMG_9964 IMG_9963 IMG_9954 IMG_9953 IMG_9952 IMG_9950 IMG_9945 IMG_9944 IMG_9942 IMG_9940 IMG_9939 IMG_9936 IMG_9934 IMG_9933 IMG_9930 IMG_9928 IMG_9926 IMG_9921 IMG_9918 IMG_9916 IMG_9906 IMG_9899 IMG_9896 IMG_9894 IMG_9893 IMG_9888 IMG_9885 IMG_9881 IMG_9880 IMG_9878 IMG_9875 IMG_9873 IMG_9872 IMG_9870 IMG_9868-001 IMG_9861 IMG_9857 IMG_9854 IMG_9852 IMG_9843 IMG_9838

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