Marshall Academy Reading Fair

Students in grades 3 thru 6 participated in Marshall Academy’s first Reading Fair on Thursday, November 19. Students choose a book to read and presented a story board on: the setting, main characters, genre, author’s biography, plot map, theme, author’s purpose, and story conflict. Many students included visual aids and dressed up in character during the judging of their project. First and Second place winners, in each category, will advance to the District MAIS Reading Fair to be held at Marshall Academy in January.

1st Place Winners –  Jack Whaley Smith (5th Grade) My Dog Skip; Kate Williams  (4th Grade) Lights, Camera, Cupcakes; Hayden Lundine (3rd Grade) Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk; Ava Rodgers (5th Grade) Flora and Ulysses; Jakob Michel (4th Grade) I survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941; Michaelann Lemons- (6th Grade) The Crime Lab Case.
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