Elementary Awards Day


The 1st Grade – 6th Grade Students were recognized by their teachers on May 21 for their outstanding achievements in the classroom for the 2014-2015 school year.    0464th, 5th, & 6th Grade – Winston Fant(4th Grade Extra Effort Language Arts), Jack Whaley Smith(4th Grade High Average Language Arts), John Chandler Strickland(5th Grade Extra Effort Langauage Arts), Ellie Livington(5th Grade High Average Langauage Arts), Lexi Williams(6th Grade Extra Effort), Kaylee Patterson(6th Grade Extra Effort Reading), & Lanie Valentine(6th Grade High Average Reading)

0414th, 5th, & 6th Grade – Si Pearson(6th Grade Extra Effort Science), Lanie Valentine(6th Grade High Average Science), John Chandler Strickland(5th Grade Science), Jack Whaley Smith(4th Grade Science), Michaelann Lemons(5th Grade Social Studies), & Ellie Livingston(5th Grade Reading).

0344th, 5th & 6th Grade – Walker Sanders(5th Grade Extra Effort), Winston Fant(4th Grade Math Most Improved), Lanie Valentine(High Average 6th Grade Math), Ellie Livingston(High Average 5th Grade Math), Nalisa Prak(4th Grade High Average Social Studies, and Jack Whaley Smith(4th Grade High Average Reading & Math).

0193rd Grade- Rosamond Barnett(Social Studies), Abbi Busby(Science), Lowry Strickland(Spelling), Michael Williams(English), Vincent Wang(Reading), Kaleigh Carrington(Creative Writing), Kate Williams(Extra Effort) & Tylen Anderson(Most Improved)

0162nd Grade -Katherine Neeley(Math), Anna Ragsdale (Social Studies), Carly Martin(Reading), Brody McCord(Science) and Hayden Lundine(Spelling)

1st Grade – Cade Sanders(P.E.), Sophie Allred(AR & Reading), Luci Tomlinson(Science), Dakota Hill, Charlie Johnson(AR Reader), Ian Robinson(Reading & AR), Kaitlyn Tedder, Laila Grace Clifton(Reading & Spelling)


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