Science Fair Winners






Marshall Academy held their recent science fair on March 4. Every science student in grades 7th-12th participated in the event. Many outstanding projects received a white, red, or blue ribbon in the different categories of Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Plant Science, Microbiology, and Engineering.

028 High School Winners – Wesleyann Ray, Maura Jane Autry, and MC Hutchens. (Back Row) Tobe West, William Whisenant, Thomas Faulkenbery, Jake Jones, Boyce McKinney, Canaan Pearson, Devin McGreger, Wesley Bolden, Jacob Shaw, and Joe Childress.

023 (Front Row) Sydney Briscoe, Kristy Wang, Abby Sanders, Molly Busby, and Erin Burleson. (Middle Row) Lexie Grace, Taylor Blaker, Kelli Ray, Melanie Chessman, Birdie Gray. (Back Row) Mary Neeley Jones, Grady Brooks, Boothe Gresham, Milek Riddle, Zach Sowell, Leo Yang, and Juston Mask.

046-001 High School Overall Winner – Stephen Elgin 044-001 Junior High Overall Winner -Taylor Blaker

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