4th Grade Projects

Mrs. James 4th Grade has been busy working on several different projects. First the class researched facts about different States, and created a poster to display the research of their chosen state.Second the students wrote a Biography Book Report on a historical figure.  The students dressed up as the person and presented the contents of their reports to the class.  028 033 037 041

Front- Joley Ann Valentine, Addison Potts, Ava Rodgers, Mikayla Hill, and Nalisa Prak. Second – Noah Robinson, Gavin Coleman, Winston Fant, Trevor Knox, Presley Allen, Caleb Clifton, and Jack Whaley Smith.


Front – Mikayla Hill-Amelia Earhart, Caleb Clifton – King Tut, Noah Robinson – Johnny Appleseed, and Joley Ann Valentine – Helen Keller. Back – Winston Fant – Ben Franklin, Jack Whaley Smith – Babe Ruth, Presley Allen – Abe Lincoln, Ava Rodgers – Anne Frank, and Addison Potts – Albert Einstein.

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