Chicks hatch in 3rd Grade

A half-dozen eggs have been developing in an incubator over the past 21 days in Mrs. Camurati’s third grade class at Marshall Academy.  The eggs were placed in an automatic incubator that turns them every 45 minutes and keeps them at a constant 99.6 degrees.  The third graders had to add water to the incubator daily to keep it humid. On Monday, May 12 the class watched as the chicks began to peck pep holes in their egg. On Tuesday, May 13, when the students returned to class, four of the baby chicks had hatched.  Later in the day on Tuesday the students observed and recorded as the two remaining chicks hatched.  The students will tend to the chicks until the end of school and than the chicks will go live at Lone Hawk Acres with Coach Susan Rodgers.

Pictured with the chicks – Front – Caleb Clifton, Jack Whaley Smith, and Winston Fant. Back – Joley Ann Valentine, Bella Dougan, Ava Rodgers, Presley Allen, Noah Robinson, Catherine Shaw, Karlie Pipkin, Gavin Coleman, Trevor Knox, and Mikayla Hill.

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