Beta Club Inductions

Marshall Academy held their Beta Club Induction Ceremony on April 9.  The Sr. Beta Club Officers talked about their roles and the importance of the leadership of the organization.  New inductees were introduced and all members were recognized for their hard work and commitment to academic excellence.  We are very proud of these outstanding students for their accomplishments.  247-001  Beta Club President, Logan Liddy, lights the White Candle during the ceremony and talks about the importance of the Beta club

255-001 Treasurer, Jacob Driggers, lights the Black candle and talks about the importance of his office. 259-001  The new inductees for the Sr. Beta Club (l to r) Josh Feathers, Hunter Huff, William Whisenant, Mary Catherine Hutchens, Alaken McNeer, and Dominika Offner.  Not pictured is Johnny Crnogorac.

261-001  The new inductees for the Jr. Beta Club (l to r) Boothe Gresham, Austin Mengarelli, Kelli Rhea, Erin Lomenick, Maggie Livingston, and Will Hanggi.


The Sr. Beta members taking their oath to the Club.271-001 Sr. Beta Club Members (l to R) Front Row: Kristen Lusby, Elizabeth Skelton, Carrie Graham, Alaken McNeer, Mary Catherine Hutchens, Maura Jane Autry, and Dominika Offner.

Back Row: Austin Feathers, Mark Granberry, Logan Liddy, Trey Bingle, B.W. Langston, Jacob Driggers, William Whisenant, Dylan Rowe, Josh Feathers, Hunter Huff, Jake Jones, Michael Thompson, Thomas Faulkenbery, and Dalton Pritchard.  Not pictured is Stephen Elgin and Johnny Crnogorac.

277 Jr. Beta Club Members (l to r) Front Row: Ryan Brock, Kaylea Fitch, Hannah Carpenter, Bailey Blaker, Blake Martin, Darcie Gibson, Taylor Blaker, Jordan Holt, and Tyler Bolden.

Back Row: Mitchell Lafever, Boothe Gresham, Samuel Morris, Boyce McKinney, Whitt Rodgers, Hailey McMinn, Parker Stephenson, Kros Joyner, Allison Cratin, Wesley Bolden, Erin Lomenick, Alexis McGregor, Maggie Livingston, Kelli Rhea, Vicky Farris, Abby Sanders, Juston Mask, Austin Mengarelli, and Will Hanggi.