School Science Fair

Marshall Academy recently held a school science fair for students in grades 7th-12th.  Here are some of the outstanding projects and our winners. 045-001

Tuker Fant’s project


Johnny Crnogorac’s project


Domenick Offner’s Project


Arin Leigh Valentine’s project



Boyce McKinney (Jr High) and Thomas Faulkenbery (High School) won overall outstanding Science Fair Project during our school science fair.


Winners Jr. High – Jordan Carlise, Hannah Carpenter, Blake Martin, Samantha Wilkins, Erin Lomenick, and Haleigh McMinn. (Back Row) Buford McDowell, Boyce McKinney, Jac Tyler Jenkins, Issac Lay, Thomas Stewart, Ryan Brock, and Boothe Gresham.



Winners High School – Michael Thompson, Thomas Faulkenbery, Dakota Dailey, Kat Moore, Wesleyann Ray, Cheyenne Bolden, Domenick Offner. (Back Row) Tucker Fant, Logan Liddy, Stephen Elgin, Jordan Harris, Johnny Crnogorac, Arin Leigh Valentine, Dylan Rowe, Austin Feathers, and Anna Belk