15th Annual Read-a-Thon

Marshall Academy Hosted their 15th Annual Read-a-Thon Thursday, November 19.  Eight volunteer readers, from the community, dropped by the school to share a book with our Pre-K – 6th Grade Students.  SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Mr. Joe Lundine reading to his grandson’s pre-school class. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Alumni, Amanda Childers, sharing a book with the 2nd graders.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Mr. Eric Knox, parent, reading to his wife’s 5th Grade Students. SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAVolunteer readers from left to right: Barbara Knecht, Patty Lusby, Amanda Childers, Eric Know, Betty Rodgers, and Kathy Coker.  Not pictured Paul McKinney and Joe Lundine.