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Hi Patriots!  Once again, the year has flown by.  This has been my 6th year as PTC President.  I have loved serving in this role, but I’ve got to take a little break and rest for a while.  Ali Todd, who has served as PTC Treasurer for 6 years as well as stepping up to be President, and I hope you will all help her have great success next year.  I want to stay involved, so hopefully, the new officers will find something for me to do.  Haha!  What I have enjoyed the most is getting to know so many families.  I love getting new people involved in our activities.  We have endless talent in the MA family, so we have many committees and chairmanship positions to match talent with PTC needs.  We are having an end of the year PTC meeting Wednesday afternoon at 5 pm in the main school building (meeting room near school office) to talk about those different PTC service opportunities and get as many officers and chairmen set for the next school year as possible.  We would love to see you at the meeting.

Now let’s talk about t-shirts!  I know some of you were bummed that you missed out on parent and Field Day shirts.  We have the following extras:

Mom (flower design)—1 large short sleeve, 3 extra large short sleeves, and 1 size 3XL short sleeve.  We also have 1 large tank top and 1 extra large tank top.

Dad:  2 large long sleeves; 2 extra large long sleeves; 3 extra large short sleeves, 1 large short sleeve; and 1 size 2XL short sleeve

Field Day:  3 youth small short sleeve; 1 youth extra small short sleeve; 1 adult extra large short sleeve; and 1 adult medium short sleeve

If you would like any of the shirts above, please text me at 901.490.7275.

We are also taking orders for Mom shirts in the Patriot design like the Dad shirts.  It’s Comfort Colors blue in long sleeve or short sleeve. The long sleeve is $25, and the short sleeve is $22.  Submit orders to the office by this Thursday.  They are beautiful, and you will definitely want to have one!

Thanks everyone.  Have a great rest of the school year!  We will miss you Senior parents.  Come back to volunteer anytime!

Stephanie Cavender

Here are your 2018/2019 PTC leaders:

 President:  Stephanie Cavender
“Art as Fundraising” Chairman:  Aimee Heinrich
Vice President:  Sarah Sanders
Treasurer:  Ali Todd
Secretary:  Jamye Thweatt
Historian:  Starlit Tomlinson
PR Chairman:  Cameron Rhea
Teacher Liaison:  Donna Allred
Teacher Appreciation Chairman:  Christy Williams
Homeroom Mom Liaison:  Emma Woods
PTC Representative at Large:  Tandra Orman
Santa Store Chairman:  Anita Barnett
BoxTops/Product Rewards Coordinator:  Aimee Heinrich
PTC Jr. High/High School Liaison:  (awaiting confirmation)

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