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Hello Patriot Parents.  MA PTC needs your help.  First, if you haven’t completed your service hours, and/or you enjoy decorating, we need a volunteer to lead, and other volunteers to help, decorate the stage for the annual beauty revue.  The pageant is on April 13th at 5pm.  We’ve been blessed to have two parents decorate every year for the past several years, but since their daughter graduated last year, they decided to retire this year.  The stage needs to be decorated simply and elegantly.  We usually use items like columns, fabric, twinkle lights, and ferns.  We want the young ladies to be the focal point, but we also want them to have a lovely stage on which to shine.  Please text or email me or text/call Tammy Rappa, pageant director, if you would please decorate for us.  My number is 901.490.7275, and Tammy’s is 662.544.0531.

Next, thank you for ordering parent and grandparent t-shirts.  We had a great response.  Unfortunately, there were only 21 orders placed for dad t-shirts.  We are so thankful for those orders and want to be able to deliver on them.  However, we have to have at least 40 orders of the shirt for the printer to be able to print them for us.  If you considered ordering and maybe just forgot or weren’t sure you wanted a shirt, please reconsider.  I will be turning in the orders for mom and grandparent shirts tomorrow, but I will keep the dad order open for a few days to give us time to hopefully collect more orders.  And if you missed the chance to order a mom or grandparent shirt and still want one, go ahead and submit those orders in the next couple of days as well. There’s a small window before they run them, so we have a little time for additional orders. I’ve attached the dad shirt form again below.  Please help us reach the number needed.  If we can’t reach it, money will be returned to those who ordered.  One last sales pitch—The dad shirts are red, white, and royal blue Comfort Colors and will be your go-to shirt for every sporting event and school activity.  You’ll be so glad you have it!

Thank you for your help and support of PTC,

Donuts with Dad will be on April 12th at 6:45 am, so be sure to put these special dates on your calendar.

The annual Beauty Revue is April 13th at 5pm.  This is typically the biggest PTC fundraiser of the Spring, so we need your participation.  Encourage your Jr. High and High School daughters to participate, and please come support the ladies at the pageant.

Art in the Afternoon will be held April 29, 30th, and May 1st.  We would love to have some volunteers for this activity and other activities listed above.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at the events above.

Stephanie Cavender

Here are your 2018/2019 PTC leaders:

 President:  Stephanie Cavender
“Art as Fundraising” Chairman:  Aimee Heinrich
Vice President:  Sarah Sanders
Treasurer:  Ali Todd
Secretary:  Jamye Thweatt
Historian:  Starlit Tomlinson
PR Chairman:  Cameron Rhea
Teacher Liaison:  Donna Allred
Teacher Appreciation Chairman:  Christy Williams
Homeroom Mom Liaison:  Emma Woods
PTC Representative at Large:  Tandra Orman
Santa Store Chairman:  Anita Barnett
BoxTops/Product Rewards Coordinator:  Aimee Heinrich
PTC Jr. High/High School Liaison:  (awaiting confirmation)

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