Marshall Academy

Boys Basketball

Summer Schedule


Date                Site                                                                                          Cost

June 1               High School Boys Meeting / Practice 10:00am

June 2-5            Practice (Days and times to be determined)

June 6-8           Northpoint Camp (Varsity)                                                     $30 per player

June 14/15      Magnolia Heights Camp (Junior Varsity)                               $60 per player

June 15-17      Center Hill Camp (Varsity)                                                     $30 per player

June 19-20       Northpoint Camp (Junior Varsity/Varsity)                            $30 per player

June 26-29       TBA


*Camp schedules will be communicated once received.

*Additional practices will be scheduled between camp dates once we begin.  Player vacation and work schedules will be taken into consideration when making practice arrangements.

*Any questions please contact me @ (901)-827-4008.

*Additional play dates could be added for the final week in June.


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