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  • Biology – Atom Project (9/6/2016) - he Biology Class completed an Atom project on Friday, September 2. Each student was required to create an atom model using different colors representing each of the 3 major subatomic particles(protons, electrons, and neutrons). The students presented their projects to the class.
  • Spanish I ABC Booklets (8/30/2016) - A great way for Spanish I students to learn the sounds of the Spanish Alphabet is by creating a Spanish ABC Booklet. Mrs. McKinney’s Spanish students, at Marshall Academy, have to choose a Spanish word for every letter of the Spanish Alphabet, include a picture of the item, and present the project to the class.
  • It’s All About Me (8/30/2016) - At the beginning of the school year, as we are learning about ourselves and others, several of our classes like to do an “It’s All About Me” Project. Here is the 3rd Grade, Pre-K, and the Kindergarten class with their posters.   3rd Grade – It’s All About Me Robot – (front row) Cade Sanders, Kyleigh […]
  • Physical Science Class (8/30/2016) - To better understand the mass, volume, and density of objects, the Physical Science students, conducted an experiment. Students found the mass and volume of ordinary objects, then calculated the density and reported their findings.
  • Mini-Me Posters (8/29/2016) - Mrs. Tice’s First Grade students completed a “Mini Me” Poster Project just in time for Marshall Academy’s Open House tonight Monday, August 28, 6:00 – 7:30. Here are the students holding their “Mini Me’s” (l to r) Oliver Latham, Izzy Willfong, Eli Watts, Cohen Lundine, and Avery Sanders.
  • Game Day Buddies – Game #2 (8/29/2016) - A new tradition at Marshall Academy, every Friday, is for the Cheerleaders and Varsity Football Players to help Elementary students out of their cars and into their classrooms . Serving as Game Day Buddies today were Boyce McKinney, Mary Neely Jones, Ryan Brock, Alexis McGreger, Ryan McAlexander, and (not pictured) Canaan Pearson. Here are a […]
  • Homecoming T-Shirt Design (8/24/2016) - Homecoming T-Shirts 2016 – Game-On White Comfort Color $22. Deadline to order is Thursday, September 8. 
  • Help for Central Private School in Louisiana (8/23/2016) - Marshall Academy Elementary students will be collecting (new) school supplies to send to Central Private School, a member MAIS-school in Louisiana, which suffered extensive flooding damage recently. (In talking with the Central Private administration, they have said it would probably be a couple of months before they can get back into their school!) We will […]
  • Game Ball Delivery (8/23/2016) - We had a very special Game Ball Delivery Friday, August 19 as the Patriots kicked off the 2016 Season. Thanks to the Hospital Wing for bringing in the Game Ball to Coach Donahoe and Ms. Diane Greer. It was a very special event for all the fans and players.
  • “Game Day Buddies” (8/23/2016) - Our “Game Day Buddies” greeted the Elementary students as they arrived to school this morning. Some of the Senior Cheerleaders and Football Captains served as our “Game Day Buddies” this week, helping the Elementary students out of their cars and escorting them to class. “Game Day Buddies” is a new program Coach Donahoe has created, […]

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This site has been developed to give our families and prospective families an overview of our history, and insight into our current academic, athletic, artistic and cultural school life– “all things Marshall.”Marshall Academy is a K3-12 college preparatory school, located in historic Holly Springs, MS. The school was founded with the idea of establishing a school with high moral standards built on Christian principles and the love for learning. Marshall is a school of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow. Our curriculum focuses on critical and creative thinking, connecting ideas, and collaboration.

MA is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS).

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